Meet Matt Haley

Meet Matt Haley
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The son of a renowned portrait artist, Matt was drawn to art from the time he could hold a pencil. By age 16, he was already creating his own comic books, and garnered his first professional comic art assignment drawing “Star Trek” for DC Comics at age 20, which led to a long career illustrating the likes of “Batgirl”, “Superman” and “Wonder Woman” for DC, as well as “Iron Man” and “The Defenders” for Marvel and other best-selling comics for numerous other publishers including the legendary “Ghost” for Dark Horse.

Discovering digital art early on, Matt became fascinated with the possibilities and soon was generating artwork for videogame companies like Ubi Soft, Nike and Sony, as well as for film and television, which ultimately led to a long creative partnership with “Avengers” and “Spiderman” creator Stan Lee, helping to create the hit TV series “Who Wants To Be A Superhero” and developing numerous intellectual properties with Mr. Lee before his passing.

Matt’s long history with DC Comics has allowed him to create artwork for numerous Warner Bros. efforts, including the TV series “Gotham”, the movie “Justice League”, a comic book version of “Wonder Woman ’77” depicting TV star Lynda Carter, and even an animated cartoon for noted designer Jean-Paul Gaultier for Paris Fashion Week. These projects found him attracting the attention of clients ranging from LucasArts on “Star Wars” to Showtime Networks for “Queer As Folk” to comedian Sarah Silverman’s “We Are Miracles” tour to Microsoft, where he recently created the brands “The Unsung” and “CommsCon”.

A devoted film fan since childhood, Matt began experimenting with directing live-action with “SAFE”, and made a splash with “Blackstar Warrior” which began life as a Star Wars parody project and grew into it’s own grindhouse show for Facebook and then BounceTV. Pursuing writing and directing his own material, Matt’s current film/TV projects are his creator-owned streaming series “Cyberfist” and the horror film “Neverleave”.

Future filmed projects on his slate include: “U-Wish”, “The Killing Date”, “Powerbeam” and “The Traveller”. If he had any spare time, Matt is an avid karaoke lover and kayaker, as well as a practitioner of both daixiquan and competitive napping. 

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